How many of us have walked away from a lesson, a seminar or training session, and felt like we've forgotten most of it by the time we get back home or to our desk?

Well apparently, most of us. According to a recent study, it is absolutely normal to forget 20% as soon as we walk out of the door! And by the end of that week we will have forgotten an astounding 85%! 

One way to help that retention is to provide training notes or a copy of the presentation. These are reasonably helpful to jog your memory, but seeing that they are not specific to you, the relevance can be lower than you expect and it ends up being shelved, with the hope that next week's lesson or seminar will bring it all flooding back.

All of the above applies in the world of sports coaching too. Wouldn't it be great to have all your latest program notes and videos in one place? What about somewhere for you to connect with your class-mates before the next lesson? And have direct access to ask your coach questions? How about taking it up a notch and getting exercises and drills that are personalised for you? A collaborative goal-oriented learning program developed just for you?

Welcome Training Spaces.

Now MODERN GOLF can offer all of the above in one, easy-to-use app.


Upload videos of your swing, receive annotated notes, compile a comprehensive training history, capture your milestones, and connect with your peers and coach through built-in messaging and sharing.

  • Simplified communication
  • Mobile friendly
  • Powerful video/image analysis
  • Streamlined organisation
  • Authentic, focused engagement
  • Fun
It is a no-brainer for anyone who is striving for excellence.
— Jim Coles, PGA, Founder Golf Pro Marathons
It totally makes sense.

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A simple practical tool. Everything that encompasses [your swing, your] potential, in one spot.
— Dr Rex Stevens, SLO Wellness Center