I just got a call to be interviewed on a radio station in Botswana, Ya Rona FM.

With literally 30 seconds to prepare I was ON AIR and being asked a series of questions:

  • about my life in Sydney
  • the best parts of being a Golf Pro in such an amazing country
  • and of course how I felt about Botswana winning three gold medals in the Commonwealth Games.

I had chills talking with the DJ (in his familiar bouncy Botswana accent) and hearing his absolute enthusiasm about my achievements. I even managed to throw in some rusty Setswana, the local language (although the DJ was laughing so much at my attempt you can hardly hear it).

Batswana (the people of Botswana) are a very proud people. This interview forms part of a series where they track down 'Citizens abroad', especially those who are 'killing it' (the DJ's words, not mine)!

Almost immediately I was receiving virtual fist bumps and back pats from friends and extended networks who had been listening to the show. I will never forget my roots and I feel lucky to continue to receive the support from my home country.

Here's the full interview:


Do you have a similar story? Or perhaps you'd like to learn more about what it was like to grow up in Botswana? Wondering how I started playing golf in a land that's about as arid as the Sahara?

Leave a question in the comment section below, or reach out on your social channel of choice.

Sala sentle! ('Stay well')


The 'Active Global Citizens' interview series is brought to you by Brand Botswana and Ya Rona FM.