Should I keep my head down In the golf swing?

Q: "How do I keep my head down during my golf swing?"

A: You don’t!

Q: "Why do I keep lifting my head up during the swing?"

A: You probably aren’t!

Are you one of those people that someone tells to keep your head down after you’ve hit your shot? Or “your head came up after that shot, keep it down next time”?

I think that little bit of advice is one of the most harmful things someone can offer another golfer or even for us to try and do with our own swing!

This is why I have chosen Rachel as a case study and she clearly demonstrates that keeping your head down is not the way to go if you want to gain a more fluid swing and allow for more natural rotation and movement throughout the swing.

The body is designed to rotate

We get a feeling for this in our every day lives, the way our arms swing and legs move everything is always rotating. So when we try to keep our head down, we actually prevent the body from rotating, our arms are forced to swing past the body instead of moving through with it.



Firstly, we want to look at the golf ball during the swing but not be so focused on it that it causes the whole body to tense up. Remember, a good shot is not so much us hitting the golf ball as it is us letting the golf ball get in the way of a well swung golf club. Giving the golf ball death stares will get us off to a tense start and inhibit the body’s natural movement.

Let the head move on the backswing

When we start our backswing with the arms and shoulders, let the head move a little with the body’s natural rotation. If we stay so focused on the golf ball, the body can’t move away naturally.

Head follows on the downswing

On the way through with the downswing, let the arms swing the club through, and again, let the head follow with the natural rotation. Keeping the head down and so focused on the golf ball will not allow for a natural rotation, the arms will overtake/whip past/move upwards and the club will not be able to make proper contact with the golf ball.

It's the hands

So why am I always told that I am lifting my head up, and why do I always feel like I am lifting my head up? Quite simply, people associate hitting on top of the golf ball with lifting the head up. The actual movement that causes us to hit on top of the golf ball is the club moving upwards as it gets to the golf ball. The only body part connected to the golf club as we know are the hands. So the hands are moving up being pulled by the left shoulder which has been forced up by the hips sliding through.

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