Case study: High and right

Sam came to me a couple of weeks ago and, like a lot of students, he was struggling with consistency. He cited a slice as well as a very high ball flight as his main issues. I asked Sam to hit a few shots so I could get an understanding of his swing as well as pick out the goods and not-so-goods of his swing.


A slice and a high shot

From the get go it was apparent that Sam was not giving himself enough support through his lower half, he had a very wide stance which was causing him to move laterally (swaying) away from the golf ball. Once we move away from the golf ball laterally, the hips will be forced to laterally move back to the golf ball causing the left shoulder to pull up and we then risk leaving the club behind. Two common shots that are associated with this move are the slice or a very high shot.

What did we work on?

1. Solid base and natural rotation

The first thing we worked on was trying to get Sam to create a solid base with his legs, getting his feet shoulder width apart and feeling like the weight was centered between the ball and arch of his foot. This setup allows for the lower body to naturally rotate once the upper body starts moving.

2. Left shoulder rotating away from the ball

The next step was to feel that the upper body was “dictating” the swing a little more, whilst supporting through the lower half we got Sam to feel like the left shoulder was rotating away from the ball – this is what eliminates the lateral sway and creates more of a turn and rotation over the golf ball. It is important to note that when the upper body turns, the lower body will naturally turn as well.

3. Right arm moves the left shoulder

Once the left shoulder turns as much as it physically can (listen to your flexibility on this one!) allow everything to rotate through together. Sam got the feeling that his right arm literally moved his left shoulder and left hip out of the way to create a balanced follow through. And with not much tension in his right arm (remember this is the arm that “delivers” the golf club in to the golf ball) the club naturally swung through towards the target.


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