What a difference one lesson can make!

Toni recently came to me for a lesson because he was frustrated with his game. He cited consistency as well as not having an understanding of his swing as being his main flaws.

He admitted that he was a self-taught golfer and had never had a lesson in his life.

Importantly, he was also willing to have his swing completely broken down in order to gain a better understanding of everything he was doing both correctly and incorrectly.

Watch the videos, then let's take a look at his swing piece by piece.

Face on swing

Down the line


After a brief interview process and initial assessment it was clear that Toni had athleticism but there were a few fundamental errors that needed to be addressed.

I watched Toni hit a few shots to get an idea of what his “interpretation” of the swing was and he also mentioned a  background of high grade soccer.

As with all of my students, I videoed Toni’s swing from both face on and down the line and this is where I pointed out the following fundamental errors as well as suggesting what needed working on:

Set-Up and Posture

  • Solidify legs to build a more supportive stance to allow for more natural rotation and movement with both the backswing and follow-through
  • Stand a little taller to allow arms to hang more naturally, alleviating tension through the arms
  • Stand a little further away from the golf ball, to accommodate a more natural rotating golf swing


  • Try to get the club moving a little more naturally away from the golf ball, allowing the momentum of the left shoulder and arm to pull the club away on an arc rather than “picking” the club up
  • Use more of the upper body to take the club away, whilst supporting with the lower body. As with most people, Toni’s tendency was to shift off the ball a little with his lower body creating more of a sliding/lateral movement as opposed to rotation


  • Try to initiate the downswing with a little more rotation through the left hip, creating room for an extending right arm and club.
  • Toni was very much a “hit with the upper body” player, tending to flip his arms and hands at the golf ball rather than allowing his rotating lower body to create room for naturally swinging arms


Our follow-through never lies! And we can plainly see this with both Toni’s before and after swings. Before swing is out of balance and lacks rotation whereas Toni could stand in the after swing follow through  all day long due to how balanced it is.


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