New affiliate partner - Performance Brands Australia

MODERN GOLF is proud to announce a new partnership with Performance Brands Australia, Australia's #1 importer of proven training aids.

As a golf coach, I am a strong believer in training aids. They can be used in a lesson environment, during practise sessions or at home.

Unfortunately, I know there are many ineffective products out there too.

I therefore made it my mission to only partner with a company that shares the same goal in improving your golf, and not just after a quick sell of a gimmick or gift. Patience has paid off, and now I'm proud to partnering with the best in the country.

In our new SHOP section of the website, I have carefully curated a selection of Performance Brand Australia's products for you. This list will be growing over time as I review more, so look out for more training aids in your upcoming lessons.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Golfing



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