Instructional videos

Watch and learn the fundamentals from scratch, or improve on your current technique. Here's everything you need to know about the key shots to get you around a golf course.

MODERN GOLF brings to you the Fundamentals and Basics video series.


The fundamentals


HOW TO GRIP THE GOLF CLUB | The grip is the most important fundamental in golf - it’s our only contact with the club.

THE BEST POSTURE FOR THE GOLF SWING | Find your natural position to create your most efficient golf swing.


The Basics


PUTTING FUNDAMENTALS | Learn how to rock a natural putting stroke and avoid those high scores.

HOW TO HIT YOUR IRONS CONSISTENTLY | Ball placement, club shaft angle, natural loft. Follow these basic tips to get your irons working for you.

HOW TO GET OUT OF BUNKERS | Is this your worst nightmare? Learn how to get over your fear of bunkers and hit that ball out.

HOW TO HIT THE DRIVER | The club with the highest expectations. Learn how to get the most out of the longest club in your bag.

HOW TO HIT THE PERFECT CHIP SHOT | Discover the best way to control your distance when you find yourself just off the green.

HOW TO HIT A PITCH SHOT | Arm yourself with these useful tips to create your perfect pitch shot.